Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jolie's Journey to Cambodia Ad for Louis Vuitton

OK, it's a long video, but I'd be interested in your reaction to this ad for Louis Vuitton, featuring Angelina Jolie talking about Cambodia, the country from which she adopted one of her children.  If you're limited for time, look at these time marks especially:

*Around 4:50, where Jolie talks about visiting Cambodia and knowing she would adopt from there.

*Around 5:50, where she talks about introducing her boys to eating crickets as part of their culture (here's a link with a summary of the crickets conversation.)

*Around 6:10, talking about blending in when traveling (with Louis Vuitton luggage?!)


Anonymous said...

well, i'll go first. i think she's gorgeous and the whole thing seems so contrived - hawking a product, a Luxury good product nonetheless. however, she seems sincere. she does not seem to have insight into the complexities and ironies of these 1st - 3rd world interactions, but i do admire her actions.


LilySea said...

You have got to be kidding. Was not orphanage she adopted from in Cambodia closed in a big hoo-ha over child trafficking? As in, stealing babies to essentially sell for adoption to the first world???
I bet you can get knock-off Luis Vuitton cheap there, too.

dawn said...

I can't watch the video at work, so I can't really speak to its contents. But considering the conflation of consumerism (and luxury, at that) with humanitarianism, it seemed relevant to add that orphanage tourism is also a lucrative business in Cambodia.