Thursday, July 7, 2011

China Heritage Camp: Opening Ceremony

Chinese Heritage Camp started today, with registering the girls in their respective rooms.  Maya is a dog, and Zoe and her Bff Syd, who rode up with us are both tigers.

Here's Zoe with some of her tiger friends, including Syd, who is not a twin, and her friends H & J, who are!

Yes, Zoe and Syd are each wearing green shirts.  Zoe started out in another shirt, but when she saw that Syd was wearing green, she had to change!  I think Zoe looks so big when she's sitting there with her big girl friends, but then she had to take a peek back to make sure she knew where I was, and suddenly she's my little girl again!

Maya was so excited about camp that she couldn't stop talking from the moment she woke up this morning to the moment we took her to her room for Camp -- when she suddenly clammed up!  You can see it didn't last long; she was back to normal by the opening ceremony (and much more chipper than her friend!)

The opening ceremony, as usual, had a lion dance.  The top photo is the empty lion head, set up before the ceremony began.  I look Syd's brother, Baby Bear, up close to see it, and the lion dancer was nice enough to bring the lion to life for him -- a bit scary for a three-year-old, though.  Despite feeling a little daunted, BB stood his ground, brave boy!

Then the show began, and all the kids watched with amazement, fear and excitement!
I'm eager to hear all the buzz from the girls once camp is over for today.  Then two more days of camp to enjoy!

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