Thursday, July 7, 2011


Chinese Heritage Camp isn't just about learning Chinese songs, a little Kung Fu, and quaint games, it's about being amongst "all the brown girls," as one camper observed year before last.

So after our intimate dinner with 23 adoptive parents and kids from China, we adjourned to our room for manis and pedis.

But this isn't just a blog post -- it's a mystery, too!  We had lots of girls coming and going, but the ones remaining at the end are pictured at the top.  And below are photos of their feet.  Your job, if you choose to accept it (start humming the Mission Impossible theme right now!), is to match the toes to the faces!

Can you do it?  Post your guesses in the comments!

This blog will self-destruct in 10 seconds. . . .


Amy said...

Hi, you asked me if Jessica has been "evaluated for Rett Syndrome"? Yes she has. She has seen many Dr.'s. She even spent 7 weeks in a hospital for tests and evaluation. We found out what she doesn't have...and thank God it wasn't many of those things. Rett Syndrome is progressive as far as I know. One thing I do know is Jess has a blood flow problem to her brain. One day they may find treatment for this. We see another Dr on Monday next week.

malinda said...

Hi, Amy, your comment doesn't seem responsive to anything I've ever blogged about! Did you intend to post this on your blog?

Steven Johnson said...
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