Sunday, July 10, 2011

China Camp Closing Ceremony

We're back from Tulsa, having enjoyed our fourth Chinese Heritage Camp.  I admit to being very lazy this year, not hanging out much at the camp.  In years past, I've attended the adult workshops (including this one from Amy Eldridge, this adult adoptee session, and a showing of the documentary Wo Ai Ni Mommy), but the adult sessions weren't very interesting to me this year so I skipped them!  I got in lots of napping, a little shopping and some planning of after-camp activities for the kids. 

And then I got to enjoy the closing ceremony!

Closing ceremony at camp is a chance for each group to demonstrate something they learned during the 2.5 days of camp.  Maya's class of former first graders and another class of former second graders performed Mama Hao.  The introduction was very sweet, dedicating the song to all mothers who "gave us life" and all mothers who "take care of us."

Zoe's class of tigers danced, seeming to have a ton of fun!

And here's a "magic movie," created by my video software, sampling all the video I took from the closing ceremony!  I thought the upper classes did a great job with their kung fu demonstration, lion dance and dragon dance.

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