Monday, January 3, 2011

Asian Americans and the Quest for Thin

NPR's Tell Me More looks at body image issues in the Asian American community:
For many Americans, New Year's resolutions are likely to include weight loss, especially after the holidays. Body image is a thorny issue for many women of different backgrounds, including Asian-Americans. In Tell Me More's "Behind Closed Doors" segment, host Michel Martin speaks with Lisa Lee, publisher of Hyphen magazine, about body image among Asian-Americans and her own quest to be thin.
Listen to the segment here, and read Lisa Lee's article on the subject here.

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Anonymous said...

great stories. I have a friend who is Chinese, her family is from Malaysia. She is tiny and petite, a strong wind could blow her away. Yet her mother rails on her about being "overweight", because she doesn't look anorexic. Her sister does look anorexic, and her mother says that is the proper way to look. Seriously, this woman does not have an ounce of body fat, yet her mother says she needs to lose weight. I think in that way I'm glad my daughter no longer lives in China. She is tall and thin (she looks exactly like Zoe, in fact), and will probably always be thin. But thank goodness worrying about her weight is not on her radar at 8 yrs old, and hopefully never will be.