Friday, January 28, 2011

Poor Daddy-less Girls

I posted last year about the Butterfly Ball, the annual father-daughter dance at the girls' school.  It's a little earlier this year -- next month -- and Zoe took it into her own hands to find a date for the dance.  She emailed my brother who lives out of town (but whose been coming into town more frequently since my dad's death to help out our mom).  Here's the email -- do you think he'll be able to resist?!
Dear Phillip,

The butterfly ball(father daughter dance) is coming up in February 25th. And well, just 1 teeny tiny thing, we dont have a daddy! Do you think you or one of the boys could come and take 2 poor little daddy-less girls to the butterfly ball?

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!(begging you)

Zoe and Maya
Zoe thought her email was really funny and clever, a big joke.  But Uncle Phillip couldn't resist the manipulative drama-queen guilt trip, and is coming to take the girls to the ball! Yahoo!


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

that girl is going to get FAR, in life with those skills! ;)

Anonymous said...

Who COULD resist those two poor, sweet, daddy-less girls! Glad Phillip is a softy! clf PS I hope we see pictures!!

TJ said...

That is so super cute. Good for her to taking ownership of this with such great humor! Photos would be wonderful too!

Reena said...

Oh Wow. The schools where we live don't call these Father daughter dances anymore-- I forget what they do call them--- but I know that the father/daughter title is out.

Scott O said...

She is Gooood.
It is a funny email. and yet...
Your poor brother - try to make him NOT take them now. :-)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to read her college application!