Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Commentary About Oprah's Big Secret

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Oprah's big family secret was a whopper -- her mother relinquished a child for adoption when Oprah was 9, and she and her half-sister have now been reunited. 

Here are some links to interesting commentary around the blogosphere about the revelation:

Oprah’s Secret, Mother Vernita Lee Gave Away Sister Patricia: A Lesson In Shared Shame, at Babble

At First Mother, Birth Mother Forum, Oprah reveals she has half-sister; her mother was afraid to admit the secret

I Quit Oprah, from Chronicles of Munchinland, a birth mother's blog.
Oprah Reunited with Sis Her Mother Relinquished in 1963, including a letter to Oprah asking her to get involved in adoptee rights, at Family Preservation Advocate blog.
From the Grio, Oprah's sibling surprise is all too familiar to black families.
Oh Oprah…What Will You Do With This?, from a birth mother's blog.
Adoption in the news, musings on the Oprah story from an adoptive mom.

And last but not least, links to lots others talking about Oprah from Amanda at the Declassified Adoptee.

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciated Jenna's post. Thanks for linking to it (Chronicles of Munchkinland). Stuff that needed to be said.