Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More "Talking Adoption" Posts

More adoption conversations around the blogosphere, including (be still my heart!) actual verbatim talks:

From Anya, Adoption Conversations at Our House

From O Solo Mama, Talking or Not Talking About Adoption

Be sure to read the comments at both blogs.

P.S. Let me add  one more I found late this evening, from Raina, sharing an adopted person's perspective at faiths and illusions:
Of course, you all know I was raised back in the days when we just didn't talk about adoption feelings. In fact, I'm not entirely sure parents even realized that adoptees were aware and experiencing the whole deal. I'm not sure I even realized it, but I sure do now. So, there were not adoption talks in my house. Just talks about how we were meant to be a family, and the only thing that made me different was that my parents got to pick me (bullshit).

* * *.

And the person I am most terrified of talking adoption with? My mom. The mom who worked her whole life to make mine wonderful. Who has sacrificed without hesitation, who loves me to the moon and back. Who taught me how to be a mom, sister, wife, and woman. The mother whom I admire and respect and love deeply. The mother who, if she knew the truth of my feelings, would be devastated.

Be sure to go read the whole thing. Thanks, Raina, for adding your voice to the recent flurry of blogging about talking about adoption.

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Joanne said...

Just wondering what your thoughts are about what occured the other day at Mia's preschool. A little boy turned to Mia and said "Mia, you where adopted from China!" Mia didn't respond or really seem to notice. I turned to him and happily said "that's right G. how did you know that?" and he said "somebody told me". Should I have said anything further?