Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chinese American Heroes

Chinese American Heroes is a great website highlighting the achievements of Chinese Americans past and present.  AsianWeek, in cooperation with Chinese American Heroes, has been focusing on one a week for the past 41 weeks.  As a lawyer, I love that the last two Chinese American Heroes have been judges -- Judge Denny Chin and Judge Dolly Gee.  I loved this part of Judge Gee's story:
Born to immigrants from rural China who respectively became an aerospace engineer and a seamstress in America, Dolly Gee grew up in Southern California. Her mother refused to ever teach her how to sew because she never wanted her daughter to have to do the same work that she did. Taking this lesson to heart, Dolly Gee graduated from UCLA Law School in 1984.
Looks like her parents are Chinese American Heroes, too.

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