Saturday, May 8, 2010

GIMH Mother's Day Blog Carnival

Today, the Saturday before Mother's Day, is Birth Mother's Day.  We don't really celebrate Birth Mother's Day;  instead, we celebrate birth mothers on Mother's Day.  I have no problem sharing that holiday with my kids' birth mothers, since I'm sharing my kids with their birth mothers.  But today the girls finished their drawings for the Grown in My Heart Adoption Carnival, which for this month celebrates Mother's Day. And they chose to celebrate their birth mothers.  These are the directions:

■Post a picture of your mother (the one you most refer to as a mom). This could be your grandmother, your birthmother, your aunt, your sister, your biological mom, your adoptive mom, your best friend, your surrogate mom…Your MOTHER (or both your mothers).

■Include a Six-Word-Memoir with the picture describing her/what she means to you.
You should do the same at your blog, and link it up at Grown in my Heart.

We don't have photos of their birth parents, so Zoe and Maya drew what they think they look like, and added their six (or more in Maya's case!) words to describe them.

So happy Mother's Day AND Birth Mother's Day to Zoe's and Maya's birth mothers, and to all birth mothers.


Raina said...

Great concept to have your girls participate! And I love how open your heart is, to allow for ALL mothers to be honored on Mother's Day. And how you're not the least bit threatened that your girls would want to honor their other mother. Kudos. They did a great job too.

Adelaide Dupont said...

The pictures and the Six Word Memoirs are informative.

suz said...

Powerful. Words the chose, differences between them, and more. Thanks for sharing.

I see one mom is well endowed. : )

Hugs to you and your girls.

Michelle@Gotchababy said...

What a great way to help your girls express themselves, and I love how they came up with the words as well.

Pickel said...

This was a great idea for your girls! Absolutely beautiful.

Mother's Day Philippines said...

Cool! Thanks for guiding me through this. I will try to make something like that this weekend for my mom. Wish she like it. Keep posting!