Friday, November 13, 2009

Writings by Korean Adoptees

Two links to recent writings by adult Korean adoptees:

Journal of Korean Adoption Studies
Includes 3 pieces accessible on the internet. Pay special attention to Tobias Hubinette's study, On Being Swedish and Not Being White: Conversations with Adoptees and Adoptive Parents on Everyday Racism in Sweden:

Abstract: This study consists of analyses of interviews with 20 adoptees of colour and 8 white adoptive parents in Sweden. The study finds that the nonwhite bodies of the adoptees are constantly made significant in their everyday lives, and argues that race has to be taken into consideration by the Swedish adoption community and adoption research to be able to fully understand the overrepresentation of psychic illnesses and suicide among adult adoptees ofcolour.
Asian American Poetry & Writing has an issue that is all Korean adoptees. It's both poetry and prose, including an excerpt from Jane Jeong Trenka's upcoming book, Fugitive Visions. And here's an excerpt from a poem I especially liked by Kim Sunee, Farewell Song:
I've said good-bye so often
I don't know what else to say

Good-bye to my language
and the country that gave shape
to my eyes

Good-bye to the fig trees,
almonds and peach leaves
I didn't have time to taste

To my chair and my bowl
my sister and my pen
and some of the men

who pretend
to forget
I too had said good-bye to them
As you can see, I've been bitten by the poetry bug -- so another reminder to enter your haiku in our contest for Adoption Awareness Month!

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