Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Louisiana JP Resigned!

Remember the "I'm-not-a-racist-I-let-black-people-use-my-bathroom" justice of the peace in Louisiana who refused to marry interracial couples out of concern for their future children?

He resigned!

As Disgrasian put it, "That’s what we call 'justice.' That’s what we call 'peace.'"

Maybe Louisiana is for Lovers after all.


Wendy said...

Glad to see he won't be refusing people their rights; does this mean he can avoid prosecution for his actions? Are they just going to let it go since he decided to leave?

maryanne said...

I cannot think of a word obscene enough to describe that judge. Good riddance to bad garbage! Two of my adult kids are in interracial relationships, and I think it is great! Bigots bite the big one!