Tuesday, November 17, 2009

China Daily: Obama Visits China

If you're interested in President Obama's visit to China from the Chinese perspective, China Daily has an entire online section devoted to the visit. Of course, China Daily is the "official" face that China presents to the world (in English), but it is interesting to see that and compare it to U.S. reporting about the visit.


BMO life insurance said...

Hi. Thanks for the link to China Daily. It was very interesting to read some articles from it. I think that it is always better to see both parts of the coin. That's why it would be great if people in China would also read news and blogs from the U.S. and see what people in the rest of the world think about Obama's visit in China.

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Louise said...

Obama is so full of pride, calling himself "The First Pacific President." Oooookaaaaay.