Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beyond Culture Camp -- Analysis at Harlow's Monkey

At Harlow's Monkey, first in a promised series on the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute report on adult adoptees:
Some of the feedback I've been reading centers on the idea that the findings aren't anything "new." Well, I both agree and disagree on that point. I agree that the results don't seem surprising to anyone who has been around a lot of transracial adoptees. If you've read my blog, or any of the other Korean adoptee/transracial adoptee blogs, or read Outsiders Within or participate in some of the Yahoo groups like IAT, then no, these findings are nothing new. We (meaning adult transracial and transnational adoptees) have been speaking out publicly for a good 20 years or so now. When I read the results, I just nodded my head in affirmation, like a non-verbal "yep."

From a research perspective, however, this report is significant, since in many disciplines these days (especially social work and psychology) the Very Big People want "evidence based research" and so this study goes a long way in providing some of that. Anecdotal stories are considered non-significant since they are just "one
person's view." This study of 468 adult adoptees (of all race/ethnicity) so far is hailed as the largest sample of adult adoptees surveyed (and the Korean adoptees made up the largest portion of the adoptee respondents at 179 participants). This study now produces some "evidence" and even more important to me, evidence that reflects changes from some older studies that reported little or no struggle with identity for transracial adoptees.


LisaLew said...

Great point, Malinda. Those who dismiss the below points as "theory" can now look at the numbers.

Mari Sun Kim said...

In addition the "evidence-based" research that backs up what we already knew, this report is also a credible, accountable and verifiable predictor of what adoptees of other cultures will do. For example: many Chinese adoptees will probably return to China to push for changes in their laws just as Koreans did. Many African children will probably push for more training by adoptive parents, etc.

JBH said...

I agree that the report doesn't give us any "new" revelations...but it does give the needed credibility to our story (transracial/national adoptees). However, I'm still going to speak my truth, my story to whomever will listen:-)!