Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chinese School Speech Contest

This afternoon was the speech contest for Chinese School. I wasn't able to get audible video of the girls during the contest, so I thought I'd post these practice videos. The girls are holding their home-made microphone -- props are so important!

I still get amazed each year at speech contest time as each student from age 3 to adult gets up to do their piece -- all alone -- in front of fellow students, teachers and parents. There was only one contestant who refused to say a word! It's great fun to see significant improvement in each student from year to year, too.

Maya's submission was recitation of two poems, one about seven fruits, one about a rubber ball.

Students in Zoe's class had to make a poster either about themselves or a favorite toy. Zoe used the poster from this summer's Chinese Language Camp, so I told her she had to do something else, too. She sang Ni Wa Wa.

I was one proud mama today!


Wendy said...

Wonderful job girls!!!

Malinda, I am so excited, I could actually understand what they were talking about--I guess Madeline's Chinese lessons are paying off for me! :-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Great job, girls! You know, today one of my teachers was trying to explain something to me completely in Mandarin... and I totally couldn't follow her... and it was pretty basic... and teacher number two had this hysterical look on his face like 'why do I even bother?!?!!' Heh. Glad your girls (and mine) are much more successful at this!

Mei-Ling said...

Ta zhen de hao keai. ;)

Wo ye hen xihuan "Ni Wa Wa."