Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haiku Poem Contest for Adoption Awareness Month

OK, November is Adoption Awareness Month. It seems we ought to recognize it in some way, but you know already that I don't do exclusively happy-happy-joy-joy stuff about adoption, and oftentimes that's the narrative of Adoption Awareness Month. I don't mind happiness and joy (really!), so long as folks recognize that adoption isn't ALWAYS happiness and joy all the time for all members of the adoption triad. So, I've decided to institute a month-long Haiku poem contest in honor of Adoption Awareness Month. I've always loved Haiku -- seems perfect for pithy sarcasm as well as more heart-felt emotions!

A haiku is a non-rhymed verse genre, conveying an image or feeling in two parts spread over three lines. There are 5 syllables in the first sentence, 7 in the second and 5 again in the last sentence. Here's my poor example:

November is here
Adoption Awareness Month
Reminder of loss
Haiku is simple, so everyone can play! Post your poem in the comments. Prize is an adoption book of your choice from! I'm the sole judge, but will consider words of praise from other readers.


Anonymous said...

Girl named me Audrey
They changed it to Patricia Ann
What is in a name

Victoria said...

What is family?
Commitment, love and giving
Not blood type and genes

JBH said...

"Is that your sister?"
Part of me isn't like them.
Do I belong here?

AdoptAuthor said...

Child of mine is gone
My pain remains forever
And all was for naught


Some other suggestion for those of us Not Feeling Celebratory This November About Adoption at:


maryanne said...

November Haiku

Light leaks out of sky
Leaves like life's blood drained, fall now
I gave you away

AdoptAuthor said...

adoption took you
my heart ached and cried for you
your pain was greater

Leslie said...

Birth mom still visits
Overcoming the upsets
Joined for latte cheers

AdoptAuthor said...

torn from mothers tit
Barbie bought and sold for show
you kill the false self

Anonymous said...

This totally sucks
I hate haiku
But adoptees should have their rights

Anonymous said...

I said WTF
Did you hear me

AdoptAuthor said...

I never attempted haiku prior to yesterday, when it was suggested here, as a way to express our loss and unending grief during National Adoption Separation and Loss Month. I am not sure if any of these "right" or proper haiku, but I have written a bunch:

taken far too soon
sacrificed at the alter
summer secret shame

mother's milk unsuckled
unending tears engulf me
babe gone but ne'er forgotten

child of mine no more
others claimed her and renamed her
payment for my sin

in winter's snow she left
in heavenly peace at last
i remain in hell

malinda said...

Wow! I'm so impressed -- one day into the contest and already over a dozen entries. ALL of which have the temerity to be tons better than mine! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Is there a big prize
for the most awful haiku?
If not, forget it.

Bukimom said...

Your Chinese mother
Wonders what's become of you;
Wish we could tell her.

pestomom said...

If she came by theft, what now?
Mother is unseen.
Her choice or not, what to do?

Find and love her first family?
We have their child. How
Could they ever forgive us?

Is mother angry, hurt, shamed?
Not our doing, but
What is right action now?

If grace is unearned merit,
Is this grace? this beloved
Child of another’s body?

maryanne said...

Lost was long ago
Today is found, open door
We go on from here

Steve said...

Barren womb rejoiced
Profits made at every stage
muted mother cried

Mom2Isabel said...

Four long decades pass
Brother I've never known
Do you even know?

Mom2Isabel said...

Birthed from childless pain
Daring to overcome fear
With you I am whole

Mom2Isabel said...

You will be four soon
My joy is another's pain
How to reconcile?

Bukimom said...

Here is my second go at a haiku:

Adoption's puzzle
Questions inevitable
A lifetime of work