Monday, September 14, 2009


I joined Twitter recently (click for my profile!), and I'm semi-enjoying following tweets for #adoption. It's pretty adoptive-parent centered. Take this tweet:
Cried watching #adoption stories on WeTV. Perfect world: baby is born, the first mom & gran decided & papers are signed before I'm called!

Perfect world for whom?! Adoptive mom, sure. But first mom? Baby? Not so much . . . .

I'm new at all this tweeting stuff, and I'm trying not to be too snarky, but I had to respond to that one with:
adoptiontalk: RT:Perfect world: baby born, firstmom decides, papers signed b4 I'm called! No,Perfect world, firstmom is able to parent her child.
I think we could use some different perspectives here. Come tweet along!


kantmakm said...

malinda - you need to change your account settings so that you approve followers. believe me, you want to do this!

malinda said...

Well. like I said, I'm new on Twitter. My thought was to let anyone follow, and kick off anyone who seems offensive. Is there any danger in doing it that way, rather than requiring approval first?

I mean, so far, the only really weird character so far is some guy named kantmakm :)

Lisa said...

I am pretty twitter illiterate.... I am subscribing to you, but don't know how I can throw comments back to yours. or do you just tweet and I listen? :)

Ann BF said...

malinda and all -- I have just had the dreaded family heritage assignment presented at back to school night and I am afraid I freaked out a bit onthe teacher, and may have scared ...anyone have a link to a helpful article I can give her to reinforce my concerns about the "interview someone in your family about your ethnic hertigae" type thing? I would like to be constructive about asking her to present alternatives in a positive way.

malinda said...

Ann -- if you need something quick, here's an online resource:

Best thing if you have time to order it is S.A.F.E. in School from C.A.S.E.

Good luck!

malinda said...

To respond to something I've tweeted, you put @adoptiontalk before your message. Or at least that's how I think it works!

Diane said...

Oh My. TWITTER? Have you cloned yourself? How in the world do you do it ALL!!! LOL! I think I am too much of a twit to twit ;)

patti said...


Just found your blog through Margie @ Third Mom. I read your Xiamen blog and I'm so glad you're better and blogging again.
Unfortunately, it seems that PAPs are fated to say dumb things until they eventually realize how things are for the child they have come to love. Nothing raises your consciousness like looking into that little face and seeing "A REAL PERSON" - what a shocker! And hopefully that moment comes for more of us than it has seemed to in the past.
BTW, happy birthday to Maya!