Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sisters Forever

Zoe drew this sweet picture at school today -- she and Maya hugging, with the names of cities in China we've visited around them, Maya's orphanage, Mother's Love, noted and illustrated with a heart within which Zoe and Maya are hugging, the tag "China Girls" in the top right corner, and the title "Sisters Forever."

Sisters Forever -- interesting in light of the Ancestry and Adoption discussion.


kantmakm said...

I especially like the heart between your daughters - "mothers love"

so sweet!

Mahmee said...

Aw geez...I think that would make my heart melt. Being a parent is so very wonderful (and difficult, and scary, and wonderful)!

Lisa said...

Mal - I have been lurking and not posting. Just wanted you to know how much I LOVE THIS post. Beautiful girls, awesome Mom!

patti said...

Also nice when you consider that on many days my girls are asking me,"Why did you have to adopt HER? I want to be an only child." Thankfully, that is interspersed with some loving moments. It ain't all sweetness and light here people.