Thursday, September 17, 2009

Call Me Sensitive. . .

OK, I'm reading here that Katherine Heigl, who has adopted a child from Korea and whom I blogged about here, "and husband Josh Kelley unveiled [the COMPLETELY adorable!] Naleigh on their charity Web site."

I click on the website -- "Heigl's Hounds of Hope." I'm getting a bad feeling about this . . . .

And sure enough, under more COMPLETELY adorable pictures is this:

Come meet some GREAT ADOPTABLE ANIMALS this Saturday, September 19th from 12 noon-3pm at Encino Park!
Wonderful juxtaposition, huh? Adopt a baby, adopt a pet, your choice, same diff?!



Lisa said...

how about the next line down - Get Your Dog Fixed for FREE!"

I don't like "here's our new child, give us some money for our foundation." It feels like an advertisement.

Martha Nichols said...

Very, very unfortunate. Pet-lovers would argue that taking in a new animal is like adding a family member. But I think any time "adoption" is used to pull the heartstrings for money--be it for a foundation or nonprofit--it's bad news. Just get out that checkbook, and an adorable creature will be yours. Sigh. Of course, people call me sensitive, too.

holly said...

Funny you should bring this up.
I read this exact article last night and thought the same thing.
Kept shaking my head in disbelief, actually.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking at the baby and I know I shouldn't. The baby is tooooo cute, like they picked out an especially cute one for the movie stars. (Yes, I looked at the other pictures.) Seriously, a Canadian movie star got a boy once before it was even possible to adopt a boy because the Chinese gov't thought it was a big compliment.