Saturday, June 13, 2009

"You're my only mom . . . "

So said Maya last night, "You're my only mom," and then there was this pause, hardly detectable, "that I ever met."

Hmmmm. Another mom tells me her daughter sometimes says that, "You're my only mom," and she replies, "Well, you have a birth mom. . . . " I suggested, since this is a repeated thing for her daughter, to ask her why she says that since she knows very well she also has a birth mom.

Did I practice what I preached? Nope. I was, instead, quick to point out that, though she doesn't remember her, she "met" her birth mom when she was born. No response from Maya.

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Mei-Ling said...

My Taiwanese mother may love me and care about me deeply, but she will never "know" me the way my adoptive mom does.