Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third Mom Closes Up Shop

We've lost an important voice in the adoption blogosphere, Margie of Third Mom. She's decided to stop blogging. I'm going to miss her passion and her wisdom. I've learned a lot from her, the adoptive mom of teenagers from Korea, one of the wise been-there-done-that Foremothers of international adoption (though she's no where near old enough for that appellation!).

Her point of view, as she describes it with great understatement, "isn't the predominant one in the adoptive parent community." She looks beyond the happy-happy-joy-joy narrative of adoption that is the preferred viewpoint among adoptive parents. It hasn't always made her popular in that circle, but she has nonetheless battled on for the sake of birth mothers and adopted persons, and yes, adoptive parents who need to hear what she has to say. She passionately advocates for family preservation, open records, and ethical adoption, and will continue to do so even when not blogging on these issues, just as she has advocated for these issues even while blogging. I very much hope to be Margie when (if!) I grow up.

Thank you, Margie, for your advice, guidance, and insight. You are truly an asset to all members of the adoption community.


Sheri said...

I was so sad to see Margie's posts - tried to comment and/or email her, but couldn't. Such a loss!

holly said...

Very sorry to see her go, her voice is a much needed one!
Yet I understand. It can be brutal out here.

Anonymous said...

I know some might think she should have just written the comment off, but it was the proverbial straw.

Margie said...

Hi, Malinda, thanks for the thoughts. osolomama is absolutely correct: the latest incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. I think I just need a break from online nastiness and contention for a bit, as gosh knows I haven't shied away from it.

I am going to be writing, but from a more personal perspective which therefore may not be all about adoption. The new blog is called Komapseumnida,

AdoptAuthor said...

Ditto.I hope Margie will re-think her decsion. maybe she just needs a break.

AdoptAuthor said...

Ooops - wrote before seeing Margie's comment.

I Fully understand! I took a break for a while - a couple of times!!

Margie: Nolite bastardes carbarundum.

Your voice is IMPORTANT!

Cassi said...

I'm going to miss Margie even though I understand why she has chosen to take a break from speaking up about adoption.

She has done so much and fought so hard and for that I will forever be thankful to her.