Sunday, June 14, 2009

Favorite Posts -- Input, Please!

I want to put a short list of favorite posts in the sidebar, and hope you'll help by letting me know which ones are your "favorites" in the comments. "Favorite" might mean best, most infuriating, most thought-provoking, most informative, sweetest, saddest, funniest -- whatever you want it to be.

To give you a starting point, here are the most frequently read posts/searched-for posts/commented on posts:

What Makes an Adoption Ethical?

New Mother's Day Tradition

Birth Mothers and the Exotic "Other"

"Meant to Be" I, II & III

Fake Birth Certificates

Zoe's Latest Birth Parent Story

Another Birth Parent Story

Talking Adoption Tips

Patron Saint of Adopted Children?!

The Nature and Quality of Love

"Angry Adoptees"

Dear Birth Mother, Dear Foster Mother

Zoe Talks Adoption

Birth Mothers

Let me know which of these, or which post not included on this list, should be included in a "Favorite Posts" list. I hope to knock the list down by about half.



Elizabeth said...

Your list of adoption books is one I will continue to reference!!

Anonymous said...

Ethical Adoption and Fake Birth Certificates would be two of my faves. I never had a chance to read or comment on your Fake post, and it was enlightening. We don't have to do anything like that in Canada. The child enters as a landed immigrant with rights to healthcare, education, etc. I must admit, if I were driven to do that I might refuse.

Mahmee said...

Probably not a big surprise when I say that 'talking adoption tips' and the list of adoption books is my fave. And..isn't this a great opportunity to thank you for your time and information! Resources are so invaluable when you love and are raising an adoptee. I count your blog and those who contribute as a great resources for raising an adopted child. Thanks again!

Lisa said...

I enjoy all your posts, as you know. I'd say "talking adoption tips" is one of my favorites, and the list of adoption books that I printed and filed!

Cassi said...

Well, I can't pinpoint a favorite but I am so happy you posted this list since there were many posts I had never read and so it gave me a chance to read and learn more.

Thank you ma'am.

Wendy said...

Fake Birth Certificates and really I don't think there is post I haven't gleaned some bit of information or humor from. Just keep posting is all I want to say, it is important for the discussion to continue; otherwise, there will never be change.

bukimom said...

Mean to Be Parts I, II and III were definitely memorable because they were so frustrating. I had trouble expressing my thoughts in a way that others could understand them. Responders kept criticizing my ideas, but it was clear they did not get what I meant.

Ethical adoption was definitely thought provoking and has caused me to look at all adoption rhetoric through a different filter.