Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Answer to "It's Not FAIR"

Mei-Ling kindly responds to Zoe's video ruminations about Mei-Ling's reunion trip:

“I know about a girl named Mei-Ling who went to Taiwan to visit her birthparents. It’s not fair that she can meet her birthparents and I can’t.”

You’re right, Zoe.

It isn’t fair.

You might never find the answers. I really, really wish you could. Instead of spending what might become a lifetime of wondering… searching… speculating… I wish you could have the answers.

I will keep praying for you.

Because there’s thousands of other girls out there who were adopted from China, who also might be wondering, speculating, who also might be saying “Why me? Why do adoptees like Mei-Ling get to see their birthparents and I don’t? It’s not fair!”

Click here to read more of Mei-Ling's response. And if the video is inaudible, here's where I blogged before about Zoe's reaction to Mei-Ling's upcoming reunion.

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joy said...

I hope new avenues have opened by the time your girls are old enough to search.

I imagine a lot of adoptees from China will do their best to pave the way for those who come up behind them.

There is always possibility.