Friday, May 4, 2012

Outrage Over Agency's Bankruptcy

As I was reading this article, I kept thinking, "Why do people doubt that adoption is a business? These parents are outraged when the goods they ordered aren't delivered:"
"Cheats, crook, liars,” is how Elyse Goldshein describes the agency. She and her husband were looking to adopt in 2009. They signed a contract with ASA and paid a $13,000 up front fee. In their application, they specified they did not want to deal with birth mothers who tested positive for drugs. Elyse Goldshein says she was assured by ASA that there were plenty of babies available.

The first call from ASA with a possible match was met with disappointment when the Goldsheins learned she was drug addicted. They reluctantly accepted the match. Weeks later, they say they were informed the mother tried to commit suicide. That’s when they dropped the match and asked for another birth mother, this time telling their case worker they no longer wanted to deal with mothers testing positive for drug use. The Goldshiens say that’s when their case worker told them their expectations were unrealistic, and that sort of demand would result in a long wait for a baby.

"They lied,” said Elyse Goldshein, “but there's really no way to prove that they were lying to us and all there was is that signed contract, and all of our money."

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