Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother Lists 3-year-old for Adoption on Craigslist?

The story from a Fresno TV station:
Two days after launching a website to try and give away her son, Corenna Waller of Fresno pulled it down. Not because she had second thoughts, but because she says it served its purpose of getting the attention of the media and Child Protective Services to take her seriously.

At face value, you would think the webpage was one for adopting a puppy, but as you read closer you find that it's a 3-year old boy who is up for grabs.

"Yeah it's way outside the box, but I never felt I was putting my son in danger because I had no intention of him meeting anybody,” said Corenna Waller.

Corenna Waller is the 27-year old Fresno woman who created the site. The overwhelmed single mother even posted a link to it on Craigslist. Her objective? To temporarily give up her son until she could get her life on track.

She's claims to have cried for help to agencies like child protective services, but no one would listen.

"I just felt I had exhausted all my resources and I kept hitting walls when it came to finding new resources. I finally felt that if I got the word out people would take me seriously,” said Waller.

And people have. Folks who spotted the page became concerned. They notified us at CBS47 as well as social workers at C.P.S. They are now involved with this case trying to draw up an alternative game plan.


everythingismeowsome said...

Obviously, it's sickening that she did this, but it's sad too, that she really needs help, and started by reaching out for it appropriately!!! I hope she gets the help she needs, can get her life back on track and take back over parenting at an appropriate time.

Camille said...

The voice-over says she wants to "temporarily" give up her son for adoption; excusing the use of "give up," I'm even more disturbed by "temporarily" being used with a story billed as "Internet Adoption." Adoption is a way to build forever families; it is not a term appropriate for "temporary" custodians while she gets her life together. A better title would have been "Woman Seeks Foster Placement on Internet." I fully believe there should be more support for overwhelmed single mothers who need assistance in getting their lives together, but obviously, advertising a child on Craigslist as though he is some possession up for grabs is pretty terrible. I hope she finds assistance for herself, the toddler, and her new baby and doesn't become the victim of some predator.

Family Bits said...

Okay, I'm not easily scared. But, this woman SERIOUSLY scares me.
She is probably going to get the attention of CPS now, but unfortunately, she might get the attention in a much more permanent manner than she intended. Be careful what you wish for.

Unknown said...

Things have not changed much.