Sunday, May 27, 2012

Irish Couples Flock to Florida to Adopt

From the Herald (Ireland):
IRISH couples wanting to adopt are increasingly turning to Florida in the US, new data shows.

Some 17 babies were adopted from Florida last year, statistics released by Children's Minister Frances Fitzgerald reveal.

In fact, more children were adopted from the US by Irish residents in 2011 than during the nine years between 2000 and 2008.

The International Adoption Association (IAA) said the proven track record of "transparent and ethical" processes in Florida has made the state a popular choice for couples.

A spokeswoman said: "There are many reasons for this but primarily because other families have effected legal and transparent adoptions from this state and the children are very young when placed for adoption."

It is easier to travel back and forth to Florida from Ireland than the west coast of the US, she pointed out.

There is also an agency in the state which works with Irish parents and in which the applicants have confidence.
So, it looks like Florida is the new Mexico. . . .


nichole said...

That's really interesting. If I'm reading the law right, TPR in Florida can be requested by the original mother 48 hours after birth (I suppose then the wait depends on court schedules?) and then it's just 90 days from TPR to finalization. That's less time than many states leave for OPs to change their mind. More time = more ethical, seems to me, anyway.

Florida seems to have a pretty strident pro-life culture, too (at least to guess by the incessant stream of "my heart was beating 18 days after conception" billboards along the turnpike). I wonder if that culture, plus the law, has any impact on the number of adoptions. (I also hope that's not an ignorant thing to say. I don't mean to offend.)

JennyT said...

Wonder how they get the birth parents to agree to let the children be adopted internationally? I am sure the agencies have some catchy spin they use to convince expectant women their kids are better off being adopted and overseas at that. Anyone know what the compensation allowed to birthparents under FL law is? Is it higher than other states?

Anonymous said...

This is even more disgusting given that same-sex couples aren't allowed to adopt in Florida. But it's okay to sell babies overseas? And how much do you want to bet these adoptions will be closed?

God, I hate this state. Sorry, people from Florida, your state sucks.

Unknown said...

Actually, same-sex couples are allowed to adopt in Florida now. The state court declared the ban unconstitutional in 2010.

Florida does have some of the more lax "birthmother expense" laws. If I recall correctly, they have some of the highest limits.

maybe said...

Question for anyone with knowledge of US citizenship law: do these children retain their US citizenship when they are adopted in Ireland or elsewhere?