Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Men & a Baby, China Style

Another story from China Daily:
It is a real-life tale of Three Men and a Baby. Yet, instead of rich guys in a plush Manhattan apartment, three poor, elderly men in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, have been raising an orphan girl for 19 years.

Chen Yizhao, a farmer in the city's Sanliqiao village, discovered the child in a cave in 1992 and took her home.

Since then, he and his 75-year-old father Chen Huaren, along with his 51-year-old brother Chen Yicai, have cared for the girl, who they named Chen Jun.

Neither Chen Yizhao nor his brother married because they were too poor.

With her adoptive family to support her, Chen Jun studied hard at school and recently passed the national college entrance exam. She was enrolled at a university in Yangzhou on Sept 3.

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Claudia said...

Now THAT's a film I'd like to see...