Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Reading: Some Links

Today is the last day of school for my kids, and I'm thinking about summer reading and bringing more diversity into our reading.  If you're thinking of the same, maybe these links will be helpful:

Best Japanese American Children's Books from the JadeLuckClub blog, a top-10 list with selections for kids aged 2 to 16.

Best Korean American Children's Books, also from the JadeLuckClub blog, a top-10 list (with a few additional "honorable mentions") with selections for kids aged 2 to 16.

Chinese Americans, from Multicultural Children's Lit, a long list broken into categories for realistic fiction, nonfiction, traditional, biography, historical fiction, poetry & fantasy.

Adoption Book List, my list of adoption books, categories by topics covered, like birth parents, transracial adoption, single adoption, feelings including anger, etc.

Children's Books About Religion and Spirituality, from Religious, includes age recommendations for a variety of books about many religions.

Books on Skin Color and Race, from Coloring Between the Lines, pictures books to start a conversation with 3-5 year olds about race.

Gay and Lesbian Themes and Topics in Selected Children's and Young Adult Books, from the Cooperative Children's Book Center.

Batchelder Award List (2011) and past award winners back to 1968 , for best children's books originally written in a language other than English, then translated and published in America.

Global Reading: Lit for Children and Teens Set in Other Countries, arranged by geographic areas: The Américas, Africa, Asia/Pacific, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Multinational.

Children's Literature & Disability, from the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, categorized by various disabilities, including hearing & vision impairment, ADHD, autism, movement disabilities, etc.

3 Pandas Animated Storybook, for iPad & iPhone, in both English and Chinese.

International Children's Digital Books, books online from lots of different countries in a wide variety of languages, many in English and another language.  For example, by using the drop-down menu under the Blue Sky, you can read it in English, German, Italian, Macedonian, Persian/Farsi, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.  How cool is that!

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Wendy said...

Thanks for this Malinda. There are several I did not have for M.