Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ambassador Post Blocked by U.S. Adoptive Parents

Over 16 stalled adoptions from Vietnam, Senator Marco Rubio has placed a hold on the nominee for the spot.  Because having NO Ambassador to Vietnam will make it all better. . . .
Some families blame the U.S. State Department for the hold up, arguing it has pressured Vietnam so hard to impose stricter regulations that their cases ended up getting stuck. They're now hoping for exemptions and have gained some leverage: Two U.S. senators have blocked President Barack Obama's pick for the new U.S. ambassador to Vietnam over the issue.

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Three Florida families have enlisted the help of Sen. Marco Rubio, who a placed hold on the ambassador nominee after Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar lifted a similar block. Rubio has concerns over the State Department's handling of the "long-delayed adoptions," said his spokesman Alex Burgos.

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A said...

These 16 families are friends of mine. The have been struggling to get straight answers from DOS. The block is to get attention to their cases. They just want straight answers from DOS. They are tired of being ignored or swept under the rug. They are not giving up without a fight and are tired of being misinformed. There is a lot to this story that is hard for the reporters to even understand. The double talk they get form government officials as well as the hoops they have been required to jump through are more then most could stand. They are committed to these children.