Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are they REAL sisters?

I was cleaning out computer files the other day, and ran across this blurb I wrote to accompany this picture for a scrapbook page soon after Maya came home.  Zoe was 4 1/2 and Maya was 21 months:
“Are they sisters?” We get asked that question a lot. And my favorite, “Are they REAL sisters?” I’m always tempted to reply, “No, they’re FAKE. Isn’t it amazing what they’re doing with robotics these days?!” What they’re REALLY asking is, “Are they biological siblings?” Why does it matter? It isn’t only blood that’s a guarantee of love. . . .

Are they REAL sisters? When Maya cries, Zoe croons, “It’s ok, my precious one,” and shares her special blanket. When Zoe cries, Maya makes funny noises to try to cheer her up.

Are they REAL sisters? Zoe hits Maya for messing up her computer game or tearing her drawings. Maya, with great cunning and skill, steals Zoe’s chair when she isn’t looking.

Are they REAL sisters? Every day when Maya and I drive by Zoe’s school, Maya asks, “Zoe?” When we go to pick her up, Zoe flies right past me to give Maya a hug and a kiss.

Are they REAL sisters? When Maya sits on my lap, Zoe gets jealous and sulks. When Zoe sits on my lap, Maya tries to push her off.

Are they REAL sisters? They laugh, share, cry, smile, dance, play, fight, smile, sing, tattle, kiss, giggle, love. . . .

Are they REAL sisters? The next time someone asks, I know how to answer: “Yes. Yes, they are.”
I don't think I'd say much different about their relationship today, over 5 years later!


Linda said...

Exactly why I call my blog "Real Daughter".

Sarah said...

Beautiful post!
And Linda, love that blog name.

TJ said...

Adorable pic and post. They are more REAL sisters than some blood siblings I've seen.

Mark said...

Hi Malinda,

Great post. I'd like to comment that the question of 'real sisters' (or in my case brothers) can last a lifetime. I've been trying to get information about my brother who died in 1966. He like me was adopted in Colorado, but I have no rights to discover anything about his origins. I've not yet received a copy of his death certificate from Vital Statistics.

Everyone told me we were 'brothers', but today it seems we just lived in the same house and had the same parents.

I always thought we were brothers. Did something change?

Reena said...

Even better, when you are asked by other AP if they are 'real' sisters.


Elle said...

Hi, I found your blog through I wonder if I might add your blog to my blogroll?