Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Survey Says! Free Course!

Adoption Learning Partners, which has on-line courses for prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents, is offering a free course to those who take a survey.  I've taken a few of their courses (Conspicuous Families & Let's Talk Adoption to name two) and have enjoyed them. I took the survey so I'm now perusing the list to decide what else to take!  Hmmm, what will it be. . . .

 Click here for the survey.


Reena said...

I did the survey yesterday. I clicked that everything was really needed-- not necessarily all by our family, but so many more resources are needed post placement.

I did find it interesting the way they worded the questions about resource needs for Adoptees, basically asking us parents what resources we want made available to our children (adopted).

I get that if kids are under 18 we have a say and approval etc.

Why doesn't the survey simply ask Adoptees what types of resources they would find beneficial?

Anyone know if another survey is being provided to Adult Adoptees?

Wendy said...

Thanks for the link, I completed the survey and am waiting for the course. We will see.