Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SIx Years Ago Today

Six years ago, Maya joined our family! Such a sad, scared little mite of 18 months, wondering how and why her life was changing, missing her beloved foster mom, shyly willing to connect with these strangers.

Today, at 7 AND A HALF (today being Maya's official half birthday as well!) Maya says she misses her foster family, wants Chinese food for dinner, wants to laugh and be silly, and wants to sleep in her beloved big sister's bed tonight.

My heart grieves for all Maya has lost, for her birth mother and foster mother, and rejoices in all that Maya is -- smart, funny, tender, silly, mellow, happy, and so so lovely inside and out. 


LisaLew said...

Forever a unique and cherished daughter.

LJ said...

Happy Maya day! Enjoy reading your blog.

Wendy said...

What a day of reflection. Here is to the balance that keeps us able to support in times of grief and pain and enjoy the times of laughter and excitement.