Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skinny Jeans

Yesterday was Mardi Gras -- Fat Tuesday -- which my Catholic-school attending girls know is the last chance to gorge on whatever it is you're giving up for Lent!  Both girls have decided to give up sweets, so planned to finish up the Valentine's Day candy, but Maya, my carnivore, also wanted MEAT -- ribs or steak -- to fortify herself for 7 meatless Fridays.  So we went out for a big dinner; as the hostess was seating us, I joked that we needed to fatten these girls up on Fat Tuesday.

Zoe replied, "Mo-ooom, we don't get fat!"  That's actually true;  they both eat like the proverbial truckers with no discernable effects.  They definitely eat more than I do -- really! -- and no one would call me skinny! 

I said, "That's true. Part of the reason some people are fat an others are skinny is genetics. It looks like you both got skinny genes from your birth parents."

Maya got the joke -- "Huh.  Skinny jeans.  That's funny!"

Zoe, not so much!

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birthmothertalks said...

I love it how you bring the girls birth parents up in normal conversations.