Friday, March 18, 2011

Adoption Envoy Visits Cambodia/Vietnam

Looks like the U.S. will not be lifting the ban on adoption from Cambodia, despite (or perhaps because of) a visit from U.S. Ambassador for Children's Issues Susan Jacobs, says Voice of America:
A US envoy for children’s issues declined to lift a ban on US adoptions from Cambodia Friday, despite the 2009 passage of an adoption law, officials said.

The US banned adoptions from Cambodia in 2001, after allegations that mothers were being paid to give up their children to adoption agencies.

Susan Jacobs, the US Ambassador for Children’s Issues, told Cambodian officials the country had made improvements in children’s protection.

But after her two-day fact-finding mission, the US Embassy said in a statement, “The United States has not set a date for resumption of inter-country adoption with Cambodia.”

Cambodian officials say they expect to begin initiating a 2009 law in April this year to bring the country in line with international standards.
The Cambodian Law Blog points to further problems with initiating Cambodia's new adoption law:
An article in today’s Daily reports on the unlikelihood of the 2009 inter-country adoption law being fully implemented next month as originally indicated. Although the government plans to start accepting inter-country adoption applications next month, the law requires that before this can take place, the Inter Country Adoption Administration in Cambodia must conclude agreements with its foreign counterparts.

To date, no such agreements have been concluded. Many foreign governments may be waiting to see how successful the implementation will be. At least one government has indicated it is reluctant to initiate such an agreement until the registration procedure for adoption agencies has been clarified.
Ambassador Jacobs will be visiting Vietnam next, to talk about intercountry adoption.  At this time, adoptions from Vietnam are also suspended.

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travelmom and more said...

It is interesting that the banning of adoption occured in Cambodia due to "allegations that mothers were being paid to give up their children to adoption agencies." But no such ban has been put on China nor does there seem to be an investigation into China's practices of incentive programs. There is mounting evidence that my daughter's orphanage participated in an incentive program and I am wondering how this differs from Cambodia. According to Brian Stuy as many as %80 of NSN children adopted from China between 2001 and 2005 may have been involved in incentive programs.