Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Auspicious Day

Did you have a good day today?  It is supposed to be an auspicious day -- 10-10-10!  From China Daily:
Tens of thousands of lovers across China tied the knot on Sunday, the auspicious "10.10.10" day (October 10, 2010), as Chinese believe three "10"s in a row means absolute perfection.

Choosing auspicious dates to get married is a time-honored custom in China. At weddings, perfection can be symbolized in images of the moon, the number 10, or a 10-layered wedding cake.

In Shanghai, 10,150 couples had registered for marriage at civil affairs offices by 6 pm, or about 33 times the figure on an average day. It also set a new daily record in Shanghai, exceeding the marriage registries on "9.9.9" day (September 9, 2009) and "8.8.8" day (August 8, 2008) - two other auspicious days popular among newly-weds.
And from the Ventura County Star, a slightly different definition for 10-10-10:
Kids turning 10 or couples getting married today — on 10-10-10 — might be pleased to know that the No. 10 is lucky, according to those familiar with both Chinese and Western numerology.

“The number 10 means ‘complete’ or ‘full,’” said Lixon Durborow, secretary of the Ventura County Chinese American Association. “Of course, 10-10-10 means complete, complete, complete. It’s really, really good.”
We had a fun day -- beautiful weather and great fun at the girls' school's Fall Festival. I hope your day was complete perfection!

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