Friday, October 29, 2010

ABC Picks Up Adoption Drama

From the Hollywood Reporter:
ABC has picked up a drama project from Private Practice star Taye Diggs.

Diggs is partnering with writers Kiersten Van Horne and Cara Haycak for Match, an ensemble drama centering on the ethically complex world of adoption. The show will examine how families are made and broken as the protagonists -- a Los Angeles-based team of lawyers, doctors and caseworkers -- struggle to make dreams come true.
If the drama puts the emphasis on the ethics part instead of the "dreams come true" part, it will be highly dramatic AND valuable.  We'll see.


Samantha Franklin said...

Wow ~ What a show. Nothing can match reality in the adoption world though. It might be interesting to try...hopefully enlightening.

Von said...

Interesting to see ethics and adoption in the same sentence.

SustainableFamilies said...

I think we may be reading too much hope, but I'll hope nonetheless. How hollywood will represent the complexities of "ethics in adoption"? I'm hopeful but worried it could do more of a disservice than a help.