Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Adopted from Colombia

From the blog, Adopted from Colombia, some great recent posts:

My Return to Colombia, a post from an adoptee about being adopted, being a guy, returning to Colombia, and meeting birth family.

Today is My Birthday, describing the oscillating emotions of happiness and sadness on this day.

Are You OK With Being Adopted, discussing the difficulty of answering this question, internally and externally.


Jye Smith said...

Thanks so much for sharing my posts with the world.

malinda said...

I was excited when I found your blog, and wanted others to hear your voice.

Thank you for your writings -- keep up the good work!

Wendy said...

Your posts really hit home for me. I am AP, but have been working through reunion with her first parents for over a year--she is six. So many things you mentioned I have seen in her actions.

Also, the birthday post. What a bittersweet day for my daughter. We always have her party on a day after her birthday as her birthday is always a day that is very emotional for her and one of reflection and family discussion. What a difference this year, after finding them, I could see the bittersweet moments, but also a different level of acceptance and happiness knowing they were thinking of her too.