Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thirst for Information

China adoption operates in such a vacuum of information, which so often is filled with rumor and guesswork and myth, that adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents are simply thirsting for accurate, credible information.  Since I posted my summary of Amy Eldridge's presentation at heritage camp my blog traffic has increased from about 230 a day to over 1,000 a day.  From my SiteMeter stats, I can see that people have shared the link with adoptive parent forums in the U.S., France and Sweden.  In France, someone has translated it into French and posted it on their blog!  FCC groups in Georgia and Maryland and Indiana and Arizona have shared the links with members. The link has been posted to orphanage-specific groups. And I just love that it's being shared on groups dedicated to waiting children and children with limb difference and other special needs. It's been shared on Twitter and Facebook.  It's being emailed among friends.  It's being shared by adoption agencies.  Bloggers are linking it so their friends and family can better understand the wait in China adoption.  And they are all offering heartfelt thanks to Amy for sharing this much-needed information.  How desperate we all were for what you shared, Amy! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

It's how I found your website. I agree . . . we were all very thirsty for this information!

Wendy said...

I agree and disagree. This information is not new so for those who claim they didn't know or couldn't get informaion, well...they weren't looking or stay in denial until they believe a "proper" authority.
That being said, I am so happy that Amy is telling it like it is, she is one of those "proper" authorities for many people and now that her words are traveling to the larger community it can only bring positive results. Do I believe the die hards will change their minds or that a needed shutdown of nsn will come, still talks and there will be those who insist on waiting in a system that doesn't need them.