Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Day of Camp

First day of camp was a rousing success -- Zoe's class is full of her best buds from the DFW area, which makes her very happy.  The day started with the opening ceremonies, complete with lion dance performance for the 250 campers.  It's a pretty amazing sight, all those kids from China in one place.  Zoe's class and Maya's class each did kung fu and dance today, so they were happy.  They also had Chinese language, which Maya dubbed way too easy, since she can already count to 10 in Chinese.  When we walked by the language classroom after I picked Maya up, she said, "That's where we had language."  I replied, "Oh, really?  What did you learn?"  She used her dumb-mom voice to tell me, "Chinese."  Right, like I was going to be confused and think they were learning Greek at Chinese Camp!

After camp, we swam at the hotel, the pool teeming with Chinese girls and a few boys.  And our movie night gang grew -- we had 11 girls tonight!

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