Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Budding Teen Reporters for Half the Sky

Really interesting blog posts from the China orphan support group Half the Sky -- one written by a teen from a Henan orphanage, the other a teen from a Chongqing orphanage -- about 12 teen orphans who are in Beijing courtesy of a grant from Hewlett Packard to Half the Sky.  The teens are learning how to produce a newsletter, and will be producing a newsletter for Half the Sky's Youth Services starting in October.  Here's an excerpt from day 1:

At dinner, more kids joined us, Yuntie from Guangxi, Liangliang from Hunan, Na from Hubei, Zhenliang from Anhui and the last one to arrive – Zhongling from Liaoning. This trip is also their first trip to Beijing, except for Liangliang, who had three surgeries in Beijing for his feet.

Yuntie, Zhenliang, and Zhongling, due to their young age and physical condition, came with a chaperone. Even though Lianliang needs a wheelchair or a crutch to move around, he insisted that he didn’t need a chaperone. The reason: “I don’t want to give extra work to the ayis at the institution, and they are very busy already and tired. I knew that I could manage the trip on my own, and I feel proud that I could do it.”
Sounds like a great group of kids.  You can find the report of day 2 here.

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