Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heritage Camp 2010 Video

Here's some video of the closing ceremony at China Heritage Camp.  I didn't realize until I went to upload it last night that Zoe and Maya had provided "color commentary" for the video!  I thought they were just watching the video when they took my Flip and their giggling selves to the playroom the other day!

You can see Zoe front and center for her scarf dance (the one where Maya is sure the words are about kissing!), but you'll only catch glimpses of Maya in green, it the back row in the far left corner, in her kneeling dance.  What was really cool about that dance was the music -- it's from the Beijing Angelic Choir, which has been our "sleepy-time music" heard nightly since I met Zoe in China.


Anonymous said...

Great dancing Zoe, sorry Maya I couldn't see you, but I am sure you did a great job too! Love both of your commentary. Glad you had a good time, now I think you mom should get a spokesperson discount for the two of you sharing your experiences!

Wendy O

Mei-Ling said...


I have to ask, though: do kids really do this stuff in China all the time? Or just to celebrate national holidays?

malinda said...

Mei-Ling, surprisingly, the answer is yes! When the girls went to kindergarten in Xiamen, they worked on very similar dances to perform on Children's Day.

You're right, that traditional Chinese dances would only happen on special occasions, but these were not particularly traditional.

LJ said...

Just came across your blog recently. I was so surprised to open your blog today and see my daughter! (in the video) Have enjoyed reading your posts.

LisaLew said...

Awesome video! I love the commmentary. This was my daughter's first Heritage Camp and, as Zoe stated, she'll be back next year!

malinda said...

LJ -- which one is your daughter? In the scarf dance or the kneeling dance?