Friday, November 7, 2008

What's this blog about?

I understand that people don't come here to read about politics. I've tried to be VERY careful about keeping on topic, even when people tell me they'd like me to post general cute stories about my kids or post about our general activities. I've said there are other blogs out there that do that far better than I can, and Lord knows there are tons of blogs out there that talk politics.

But I have to say I think current events that are relevant to adoption, birthparents, abandonment, race, and China (the things I list in the header as what this blog is about) are fair game. So I post about Angelina Jolie looking to adopt again. I post about a Dutch family looking for their child's birth parents in Nepal. I post that South Korea and Guatemala are encouraging domestic adoption. I post about the alien land laws in Florida, a remnant of America's history of discrimination against Asians. I post about China's reaction (the reaction of my daughters' country of origin) to the presidential election in the U.S. And I post about what I see as a historical landmark in race relations in the country where my Chinese children will grow up as a minority race.

And I don't see any of these things as posts about "politics." If readers think some of these topics are political, I'll ask you to read what I have written. I think you'll see that I've left policy and partisan arguments carefully to the side. And note that I have not said WORD ONE before the election to encourage anyone to vote for "my" candidate. And EVERY "political" post I've made here has been NARROWLY TAILORED to be relevant to adoption, birthparents, abandonment, race, and China.

I have no intention to post generally about politics, though I can't control what happens in the comments. In fact, I have no interest in controlling what happens in the comments. I hope people will comment freely about whatever they want to talk about. The blog is called Adoption TALK for a reason! I want this to be a dialogue. I even appreciate very much comments telling me to shut up about politics now! But appreciating it doesn't necessarily mean I'll comply.

If I think a topic is relevant to adoption, birthparents, abandonment, race, and China, I'll be talking about it here. I hope y'all will keep coming to read about adoption, birthparents, abandonment, race, and China. If you don't like what you read, say so in the comments! I've been assuming all along that not everyone is interested in everything I say (how egotistical to think readers would be!), and are skipping over the posts that they don't care about. Feel free to do that, if it hadn't occurred to you before. But again, I'd much rather you read everything, and talk about what you don't like or don't agree with in the comments.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program . . . .


Syd'sMom said...

And it's YOUR blog, so you can choose what YOU write. I am enjoying every tidbit except the political part - and what is "political" and what is not, I suppose, is anyone's own opinion. IMO your girls' stories / pics are an inspiring part of the blog!

Dee said...

There's absolutely no need to defend your desire to talk about anything you want in your own blog! I, like you, think the election of the first person of color in our country's 200+ year history definitely is a topic worthy of discussion, given that many of our children are also of minority (in the U.S.) ethnicities. I confess I can't help feeling quite giddy that my daughter, soon to be 5 years old and of Chinese descent, will soon see a person of color serving the highest elected office in the land! Now if we could just get that ol' Constitution amended to allow persons born outside the U.S. to be elected president. :-)

Louanne said...

True that it is your blog and I also understand that it was an exciting election and I know people feel complelled to comment.