Monday, November 24, 2008

New Adoption After Disrupted Adoption

Last month when I posted about Jade getting a new family, I also posted a link to the blog of a family looking to adopt a Chinese girl whose original adoptive parents were relinquishing her. She's been with her new family for a week now if you're interested in following their story.

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Lisa said...

Heartbreaking. I wanted to leave all kinds of advice, but who am I to advise? I know I have seen much in my career and life, but this girl needs longterm help in and out of the family. I hope they keep her in attachment and adoption counselling. I believe God is present in our lives, but we also need others to help us along at times.
Mei-ling is on to the blog, read the blog, and dropped a few thoughts in her head. ::::Muaaaah:::: to Mei-Ling (That's a kiss, for those who are wondering if I flipped out).