Thursday, November 6, 2008

China -- Wishing Obama Well

From China Daily:

Like American people on the other side of the Pacific, we are excited, too, at the landslide win of Democrat Barack Obama, who will become the 44th President of the United States of America on January 20 next year.

We wish him all the best in bringing America out of the present financial quagmire as soon as possible, and re-energize the world's largest economy with his brand-new ideas and vision. A strong US economy is in the interest of China and all other countries that trade with it.

We also hope the good momentum of a relatively amicable and constructive bilateral relationship between China and the US will sustain and extend during the incoming four years of the Obama presidency.

China Daily's English edition is usually pretty good with the English language, but this commentary has some hysterical phrases: "crushingly dreadful economic contraction;" "talk-savvy new America;" "persuaded many voters to alienate the incumbent Republican Party candidate." And how about this -- "ratcheting up investment in infrastructure and small and medium businesses in the US will yield precious jobs, and prevent its economy from jumping off the cliff!" None of it necessarily BAD English, but funny usage nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

After many years of off-and-on learning French, German, Russian, and Chinese, I admire anyone who can learn a second language well enough to write a newspaper article! :-)


Anonymous said...

hmmm, not seeing the landslide in 53% versus 46%. Winning 100% of the electoral vote in a state because you win the popular vote in that state doesn't constitute landslide, it just means that state has a lot of electoral votes. It is certainly surprising to me to see so many references to a 7% difference as a landslide.

malinda said...

I agree, LAH, no way could I write an article in another language! And I have no way of knowing how good Chinese-language papers published in the U.S. are. I just found the article a bit of a contrast in choice of language from most articles in China Daily!

Wendy said...

I know. So many people lose sight of how hard it is to get the nuances of another language or to come off as a native speaker instead of a computer translation! Great article.

To anonymous--I don't think you get it. The fact that he not only blew the electoral college out of the water, changed red states to blue, and held his own in traditional red (BIGOT) states that remained so (sometimes less than 1%) is a LANDSLIDE! Your candidate (obvious by your bitterness) conceded this massive loss, why can't you?!
Get over it. Move on. And back the president that you will have in two months, I am sure you will benefit from it and if you are reading here, I know your transracial children will.

Anonymous said...

Red staters are bigots? Thank you for demonstrating the typical democrat trait of liberal, tolerant open-mindedness that we've all come to know and love during this election cycle.

Following your advice, I'll be thankful that I no longer have to worry about paying to put gas in my car or paying for my mortgage. We help Obama, Obama helps us! He loves you too. With a personal, deep, abiding love. Happy days are here again, the anointed one has been crowned. I already had a messiah, but of course I will give that one up because he was not raised in a biracial family.

Wendy said...

God woman (or man since you still HAVE not given your name)! You don't seem to get it.
OF COURSE not everyone in a red state is a bigot! That being said, there seems to be a glaring fact that the ex-slave states are RED and the state that maintained the Jim Crow law has been red and barely became blue.

btw--you shouldn't assume about people's political affiliation (I am an independent--not that it is your business-and btw liberal is not a bad word). I can also tell you that I have not met ONE person who voted for Obama who believes he is a messiah; however, I have heard several very conversative people indicating that (is that how you see him?).

Sorry Malinda, I would email this person and not post here if they had allowed their information to be shared. I will end it now because I know she/he will not understand the basics of what we are talking about here, instead of just going on the defensive and playing the wounded loser in this time when we need to unite as a nation--our economy is in the pot and our new President/Congress/the people have a hell of a lot on our plates.

zoe'sfriendsyd said...

My advice is to leave the adoption blog as adoption talk, which I have much enjoyed. This whole conversation and week makes my head ache terribly. I love this blog, but I'd love to leave politics for another one and stick to the topic. Just feedback, because, Malinda I think you are an awesome Mom and blogger.

ConcernedCitizen said...

I would say that everyone who is a McCain supporter is not a bigot or racist. That makes this whole election about race, rather than who is the qualified candidate. This election never should have been about race, but many of you have made it so.

Wendy said...

I don't think the election was solely about race, but it was a factor, 14% of Americans said they would not vote for a black man.

I also think the blog is about adoption and it veered off course, and yet it didn't. Racism exists in America and part of our adoption experience is facing that racism head on as well as empowering our kids to know they can be all they want to be. NO ONE said all conservatives or McCain supporters are bigots, the same as there were those on the left that would not vote for him due to being black--I've met them and listened to their hatred. The point I was making was in the trends and that I am glad to see that those trends have shifted from past elections, we still have a long way to go.

I wish Obama well. I wish my daughter was able to be all she wants (if she chooses to run for office) and that is something I will strive to change in case she or any other child born abroad wants to fulfill their citizenship in the highest post.

I am on board with Syd's mom, let's get back to the adoption talk.

malinda said...

ConcernedCitizen, thanks for posting! I don't think that noting the fact that America has elected a Black president makes the election about race. I don't think Obama was elected because of his race. What's remarkable is that he really transcended race in a way. What's remarkable is that in almost every way that mattered, his race made no difference at all. It is that phenomenon, after a history of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination, that makes his election remarkable. And what I've been posting about is how that fact will make a difference to minority children, including my own.