Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Parliament Ratifies Russia-US Adoption Agreement

AP reports:
Russia's parliament on Tuesday ratified a long-awaited agreement with the United States regulating the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

The ratification by a 244-96-2 vote in the State Duma came a year after the two countries worked out the pact.

* * *

Ratification should end the strife and allow adoptions to resume efficiently.

All adoptions would have to be processed through adoption agencies registered in Russia. The agreement requires the agencies to monitor the child's upbringing, schedule visits by a social worker and send reports to Russian authorities.

The deal makes sure that prospective American parents would have better information about the social and medical histories of Russian children.

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Our Family Adventures!! said...

The agreement wasn't ratified. It was voted on in the Duma along with numerous amendments and then passed to the Federation Council who will also have to vote on it before going to Vladimir Putin for his signature. Typically once he has signed it and it's published in their Legislative Journal it would then go into effect. However, due to the numerous changes and amendments it will now have to be ratified by the US who will have to agree to all the changes. Therefore it is NOT ratified yet.