Thursday, July 26, 2012

Court Rules in Baby Veronica Case: Dad Prevails

Just got ahold of the opinion -- you can see it here.  Will blog about it later, off on an adventure with the kids today!  Upshot is the adoption is denied and custody is awarded to the birth father:

This case involves a contest over the private adoption of a child born in Oklahoma to unwed parents, one of whom is a member of the Cherokee Nation. After a four day hearing in September 2011, the family court issued a final order on November 25, 2011, denying the adoption and requiring the adoptive parents to transfer the child to her biological father. The transfer of custody took place in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 31, 2011, and the child now resides with her biological father and his parents in Oklahoma. We affirm the decision of the family court denying the adoption and awarding custody to the biological father.

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-J.D. Humenay said...

What a heartbreaking situation all around...