Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over 100,000 Chinese-Born Adoptees Overseas

A landmark of sorts:
More than 100,000 Chinese-born orphans and children with physical disabilities have been adopted by overseas parents over the last 30 years, a government official said Wednesday.
Overseas adoption has become an important channel through which to find homes for orphaned and disabled children, said Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo at a ceremony held for 130 U.S. families and 200 adopted children who came back to China to "seek their roots."
Li said the adoption system has improved constantly in recent years, with an increasingly mature legal system and expanding social impact.
China has cemented adoption agreements with 138 government bodies and children's organizations in 17 countries.
Finding a family for the children does not mean the end of the government's work, Li said.
"The nation's care for these children will last throughout their growth," he said.

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