Friday, October 7, 2011

Teen Tells His Adoption Story

From the Charleston Gazette:
Andy Matics is a typical teenager. He attends Herbert Hoover High School, plays trombone in the school band and is an Eagle Scout. A senior, he plans on attending Marshall University and studying architecture after he graduates this year.

But that's not all he plans on doing this year. On his 18th birthday, Matics plans on locating his biological parents.

* * *

Matics' was a closed adoption.

"I was adopted as a newborn. My parents told me that I was adopted during the fifth grade," he said. [Yikes!  That's awfully late. . . .]

* * *

He said, "My parents told me all they knew about my biological parents, and I would like to meet them one day.

"I'm not sure how to get into contact with my biological parents at the moment," he added, "but as soon as I do, I will try my best to find them."

Many children who are adopted may feel nervous about one day meeting their biological parents. Matics isn't.

"I don't feel nervous about finding them," he said. "I want to understand who I am and why they gave me up for adoption in the first place."

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Anonymous said...

Sadly when he turns 18 he will realize this statement is so untrue:

"Closed means all files, such as the child's original birth certificate, are sealed and cannot be release until he or she is of adult age."

Sure if he petitions the courts for good cause, i.e. on his death bed...

WV is a closed state...there is one of those passive mutual consent registries that no one knows about unless they have actually read the law.

When will adoptees be equal?