Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Centralia Orphans Chime In

Remember that post a while back about the Centralia (Ohio Illinois -- thanks for the correction, commenter) High School with the mascot name of "the Orphans?"  Well, someone with lots of friends from Centralia High School posted it to facebook, and they've been commenting on the blog post.  The comments are pretty predictable, but you should check them out -- you know me, I want everyone to have their say!  I figured since the post was a couple of weeks ago, regular readers would miss the recent comments unless I mentioned it here.


Anonymous said...

Again you seem unwilling to fully do your homework. It is Centralia, Illinois.

Anonymous said...

To all who wrote in from Centralia.

It’s commendable that your sports team has won awards and is such a pride to your town and school. However, the attempt by Malinda was to sensitive people to the use of Orphan as a name for a sports team, not to cast aspersions on the character of the town.

I’m shocked at the response that a post which attempted to educate people about something that could hurt and belittle another human being has been received with such vitriol.

The usual response when you find out that you have offended someone is to say I’m sorry I didn’t know, NOT - I don’t care and I’m going to do it anyway.

One final comment – for some reason the term political correctness is thrown out every time someone is reminded that there are other people in the world we have to consider beyond ourselves.

C. W. said...

I'm guessing your ratings have slacked off over the last week or so as you have posted again about CHS & the Orphans. As you have discovered, Orphan Pride is only second to American Pride. Seems a little childish to continue to "stir the pot".

It appears you truly are not as sensitive as you would like to appear. If you were, you would kindly end the insanity, rise above this and act responsibly by leaving well enough alone. Your re-post is child like, and irresponsible. You're comments are not improving, or changing the lives of the millions of orphans in our great world. Truly this must be a publicity or ratings stunt for your blog, and most likely your self esteem.

Your original article is filled with negativity to the term orphan. You seem to be channeling all your anger about your situation, ideas, or experience towards our school mascot.
I feel nothing but sadness for you as you must see the two beautiful girls you have adopted as nothing more than orphans and definitely not the precious gifts they are, your daughters.

No surprise, I'm a CHS Orphan. I'm also a Tiger (KC), Saluki (SIUC), & Spartan (AU) Alumni. So that must mean I'm a; poor, parent-less child, a large territorial cat, a fast racing bitch, and a fierce Greek murderer...the reality is the school mascots from where I attended school are simply that, mascots.

I rise above childish banter from people such as yourself everyday and strive to make the world a better place. Can you say the same?

malinda said...

Yeah, C.W., really shameful of me to make sure blog readers hear the other side of the argument from the Centralia folks. How could I be so cruel as to give equal time?!

C.W. said...

Yes, you are the almighty superior authority on this topic... How wrong of me to think you would read my comment with an open mind to the realization that a mascot is simply a mascot and you are simply a simple minded, egotistical, angry person.

Anonymous said...,_Illinois

"The Orphans got their unique nickname during the early 1900s, when the boys basketball team made it to the state tournament. The school was low on funds at the time, and the team was forced to pick its uniforms from a pile of non-matching red uniforms. The team made it to the state tournament, where an announcer commented that the team looked like a bunch of orphans on the court. The name stuck. Previously, the team had gone by nicknames such as the Reds and Cardinals."

This is history. History is important. Adoptees want their histories too.
Give the Orphans a break.

MiMi GO ORPHANS said...

As I mentioned in my post on your other blog post previously. Your children will only feel offended because you are putting the fact that they were once orphaned in a negative light. You should maybe try embracing the fact that there was a better plan for them in life. Give them a sense of accomplishment that they got out of the situation that they had once been a part of and that they overcame possible negative outcomes and they can go on helping others in the future that were in the same situation to embrace it as well instead of dwelling on something that once was and playing the "victim" role like you seem to want them to play and are clearly stating in your previous article that they should play. Be a good role model and teach them to look forward to the future because living in the past solves nothing at all.

Yes those situations can be scarring and hurtful but day by day and one step at a time they can be overcome and will be achieved sooner when positivity is the only option. Feeling sorry for oneself never got anyone anywhere. Embrace the past and push for a better future.

A sports team name can not offend a person but a bully can. So in saying that the name Orphans for a team can make someone feel offended I think is a crock. If positivity is the approach then it shouldn't be a problem for the person in the stands regardless of who their mascot may be.

A woman who had agreed with you earlier from the centralia area had said she had been told by others all of her life that she had not been wanted, guess what the people who told her that made her feel that way not the school mascot.

People use terms all of the time that may offend others. I have a friend who is gay do the words queer and fag and gay bother him. NOPE they sure don't because what ever happened to the good ol days in grade school and the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me"? We are all grown now but maybe we were wiser when we were younger in saying that little tune above.

Words don't hurt people's feelings, negativity however can. When taken out of context and being made negative words can take on a whole new meaning.

So ill leave you with this...

Take a step back and think outside of the box tell Negative Nancy to take a hike, put your Positive Polly pants on, and bring out Realistic Rita because do u honestly believe that changing a sports teams nameis going to make any orphan, adopted, or foster child any where around the world feel any better about there situation if they have these negative feelings about the word? Chances are most likely not.


Laura said...

I read the original post, but didn't have any particular strong feelings about it, as I could see where both sides would be coming from. People who parent former orphans come from a completely different perspective than those who haven't, so I thought perhaps no harm was intended by the school, their mascot, etc. Then I read a few of the nutty responses by the school's alumni. Yikes. When you factor in the vitriol, poor grammar and atrocious spelling, forget the mascot: get rid of the whole school.

Carrie Lee-Branson said...

Just thought as an Orphan Annie myself, I would give u some more mascots to destroy. They are all so demeaning to this country that I just can't take it any longer. The Laurel Hill Hoboes, a disgrace to homeless people everywhere. The Chinook Sugar Beaters, what did sugar ever do to them. The Orifino Maniacs, gives a bad rap to crazy people like u. What a shame!!! The Richland Bombers, gives children the idea that bombs are toys. Horrible. The Williamsport Millionaires, gives us all false hope. The New Braunfels Unicorns, we all no there are no such thing as unicorns but why use make-believe mascots. And my personal favorite, Watersmeet Nimrods. I think that one is right up UR alley Malinda. GET A LIFE AND LEAVE HARMLESS MASCOTS ALONE. Maybe teach ur "orphans" as u call them still, a thing or to about humanity and self worth. Neither if which do u possess!!!

Leslie said...

There are many, many reponses to the first blog post. Many of those responses are articulate and passionate. Your beloved Malinda has some bad spelling in a few of her posts as well. If that is YOUR argument, you are vapid.
The more I read your postings, the more I come to the conclusion that you have a propensity for attention seeking behavior. I think that you get some pleasure in being a mother of orphans because it makes you look like St. Theresa. You see orphans as something to be pittied and when people pitty your beautiful children, it must give you some sick validation for yourself. I find you to be a ridiculous woman. The more you post your repetitive post without giving credence to the people on here who have posted very valid counterpoints, the less credibility you have with anyone. Good luck in your plight and I hope that you find something to do that is actually worthwhile.

Salem Supporter for the Orphan said...

Malinda darling, You seem to missing the point of your own article. You persistently claim to have written the blog to open eyes to the sensitive subject that is the Orphans; however, you have been nothing but close minded in your readings and responses of the comments posted in rebuttal of your argument. You play the "victim" and claim that all others are being defensive and close-minded, just as you are. What you are failing to consider is this...What if someone were to attack your family? Would you not defend them and yourself? That is simply what all the Orphans' fans are doing. They are defending their "family", something every "real" orphan, as you so eloquently state it, longs to have. The only wrong being done is that you are wasting time and energy on this article that could be spent with your beautiful children. Why pick on something that is bigger than you? Why attack someone's family? You wouldn't like the same done to you....

Jeanna Salem Grad '06, daughter of a CHS grad of '76

Anonymous said...

I am disturbed by the comments from Centralia that orphans or former orphans should embrace the term and put it in a postive light and "get over it - that it is just a mascot".

It shows a complete lack of ignorance and understanding of the complexities that face children (and adults when they grow up) who find themselves orphaned. There is joy and sadness in the adoption triad. Those involved in the triad know this. It is normal and acceptable.

I don't see the point in getting to a verbal battle with this group. They seem completely content with their heads buried in the sand.

How sad for them to not try and understand what adoptive parents and those who have been/are orphans say about how degrading and disrespectful it is to see this word used in such a manner.

I heard and understand their argument and I'm still not buying it.

IlliniAmy said...

As someone with no ties whatsoever to Centralia and one who adopted an orphaned child, I find this to be much ado about nothing. The "Orphans" nickname has a rich & vast history. It is warmly embraced by the Centralia community. There is no stereotyping, no hatred, no mocking, nothing negative whatsoever. IF the nickname was used in a degrading manner, I would feel much differently.

Anyone offended by Centralia's use of the nickname "Orphans" either has a skewed notion of the term orphan or is looking to be offended. My daughter is not embarrassed in the least in regards to that portion of her personal history. It's part of who she is.

jjsmom said...


Wow. Really?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate that people from CHS attack the blogger instead of the message. How about some of the other terms that are historically rich, but culturally insensitive as alternatives? How about the Colored Boy? Or the Darkie Doll? I mean, it's JUST a mascot,right?

Laura, not close the school, but perhaps the school should focus more on history and critical thinking.

Anon 1

Stacy said...

Just to fill you in, Centralia High School was attacked in the previous blog, so shut up. Also, Malinda, being orphaned is not a great thing but sometimes it is in the best interest of the child. It sounds to me as if you are making yourself to be the victim here, so yes, shame on you. Instead of calling your "daughters" "orphans" which could lead to problems later in there life, how about calling them your daughters. There are many orphaned children in this country that have chosen a life that has built them up and made them stronger. Then there are those who chose a defiant path or those who never got the love or compassion that they needed from others to steer clear of that path. Also, Laura, you can take whatever school it is that you came from and shove it where the sun don't shine. We are on the internet sweetie, and proper grammar is not required here. Have a great day. Why pick on a small town from Southern Illinois? Do you not have anything better to dp with your time? And one more thing, just because you are a parent to a foster child it does not entitle you to be this "soulful person who thinks that your opinion needs voiced." We have been the Orphan Annies for well over 100 years, and honey, that ain't ever going to change! Especially since the team name has done nothing to offend anyone. What is offensive are people, not nicknames of schools!! To add one last thing, our mascot is the Sphinx. The Orphans is a nickname that stuck! They don't call us "Little Egypt" for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like the history of the term orphans to this school is something that is to be proud of (assuming the origins according to wikipedia is correct).

Heck, as an African-American, if some high school wanted to name itself "The Mandingos", I'd have a good laugh.

STD Update said...
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chad henry said...

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