Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transracial Adoptee Gives Advice to Adoptive Parents


Jess said...

What an articulate young man, and you can discern the sadness and disappointment caused by certain experiences with his a-family. Good advice all around. "Put your kids ahead of your friends." Best advice of all. Walk out of the party.

Ruth Abel said...

I totally agree with him. ALWAYS in every situation, your child comes first. I am impressed with him for acknowledging his anger and frustrations and understanding where they come from, it is just a shame he has to deal with them.

Truly Blessed said...

My heart breaks for this young man and for the cluelessness his family showed toward him. I agree with the other commenters that he was extremely articulate and appears to really want to educate adoptive families (and PAPs) in these basic, fundamental points.

I'm so sorry that he feels such anger, but it appears to be justifiable. How sad is it that his family just didn't "get it."